Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Squirrel in swimming pool

Yesterday, we opened our backyard swimming pool. It is attached to the deck, so we can see it from our kitchen. I and my husband, were just excited about the pool and talking about it. Just then my husband noticed that there is something in the pool. He said the bird is taking bath in the pool.

We went outside on the deck to see. We noticed that it is not the bird, it is squirrel and she is trying to come out. My husband took the net which he uses to clean the pool and got the squirrel out from the pool and put him out. Squirrel was so scared and in shock, she was not moving at all, we were worried whether she will survive or not. I think she had fallen down from the tree. We didn't know how long was she in the pool.

We were sure that she is alive as her eyes were open. She was too wet and was full of water, so she was not able to move. My husband loves animals and he likes to take care of them. He didn't want to leave her like that. He kept an eye on her, he patted her. He gave some peanuts to eat. He gave some milk to drink. He also gave her some bird feed (yes, they use to eat bird feed when we put for birds). Finally, she started to eat and drink. Some water drained out and she started to feel light and safe.

She started to move and ate all the food. She became active and just ran away. To see that she is safe and fine, we were so happy. It took her 5 minutes to come out of the shock and feel good. There are so many squirrels and birds in our backyard and they run here & there. They just play around and make noises. She was again part of those noises.

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